Let’s dive into the water and catch the waves!
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Let’s slide on rocks and cross rivers!
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Let’s travel on two wheels while discovering amazing paths!
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Performing Arts
Let our mind travel and our bodies express themselves! When words run out, let rhythmic sound sway your body.
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Let’s dive into the kitchen and cook together! We will learn interesting and fun recipes in which you will enjoy the process.
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About Us

Welcome to the KaabTurix


Learn Spanish while participating in different activities: sports, Mexican gastronomy, visual arts, performing arts, birdwatching, aquaculture, computer programming, world cultures and others that we will organize seasonally.


Strengthen and enrich the knowledge of the local, national and international community through multidisciplinary and intercultural activities.

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best way to learn spanish

Acuacultura CETAC 22

¿Qué es la Acuacultura? Es una actividad que consiste en aplicar técnicas y conocimientos para...

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Upcoming Events and Activities

Kaabturix is a virtual and physical space for artistic and technological exchange. We encourage and promote multidisciplinary collaboration in a creative way. Be part of our events where you will develop skills in many areas and discover abilities that you had never imagined before!


Memories, Surprises, and Souvenirs

Surf our gallery! Check out all the amazing designs we have for you. All these are the result of our trips, lessons, onlines sessions, and more exchanges. It is a great way to keep memories connected around the world. 

The best and most effective ways to learn Spanish Online

Learning Spanish Online – The Best and Most Effective Ways/Strategies to Learn

During our years of being involved in both learning and teaching processes, we have come across different useful and interesting tools and methods. With technological advances, there is a great combination of old and new methods: from physical classes, books, audiobooks, and cultural immersions to apps, online courses, podcasts, and livestreams. Of course there are many offers but there are 3 essential elements that will allow you to learn Spanish fast and efficiently.

Kaabturix is a place where you will learn to speak Spanish

We offer Spanish lessons online where you will interact with people from all over the world. We also have a physical place in Chiapas, Mexico, where our students have interacted with native speakers and enjoyed the wonders of the Mexican landscapes. Our creative activities include: sports, gastronomy, programming, graphic design, aquaculture, and more that come up as we strengthen our relationship with other students. 

Essential Elements for Learning Spanish: Confidence, Good Strategies and Consistency

Our Kaabturix environment is surrounded by people who transmit confidence, which is essential for a learning process. Building up confidence helps to deal with situations where the problem is the fear of making a mistake of any kind (pronunciation or syntax, for example). As the Kaabturix environment is multicultural, we all understand that mistakes are to be made when pronouncing words or structuring a sentence. Language is something that is structured in a certain way that is related to the outer and inner world. Our students are in the process of learning a new language, and they are experts in their own area, be it music, biology, programming, architecture, sports or other disciplines. This is where a great exchange of knowledge happens. 

In this process, we will also need consistency and good strategies to learn Spanish online, the other two elements for this process of learning a new language. There are many websites and apps that turned out to be very useful for us when learning English or German, for example. Apps such as Duolingo or Babel have very useful content and a wonderful sequence for you to learn or improve a new language.

Our fun and varied activities will keep you engaged in many areas of knowledge: from arts and science to amusement and entertainment. Stay in the loop with the most amazing events where you will learn interesting facts about many topics.

Our gallery has interesting and fun content such as images, videos, and audios that will give you the easiest way to learn Spanish fast under many circumstances, whether you are busy or commuting, you can learn Spanish while you drive. Join our Spanish classes online, where you will find the best way to learn conversational Spanish. Our daily activities will keep constantly communicating with Spanish speakers, but also with students who are in the same process as you are. This proves to be one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish fast, due to the feedback that results from this interaction.