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Who We Are

Welcome to the

Kaabturix is a place to learn Spanish, where people from all over the world are in constant interconnection. In this teaching-learning process, verbal and non-verbal languages become essential. Interlocutors (teacher and student) sometimes lack a common spoken language, and they encounter difficulties expressing ideas. 

Along with this multicultural interaction, a language exchange arises. Structured sounds, words, images, videos, gestures, signs, and symbols are important elements to transmit thoughts, insights, stories, ideas, customs, and experiences. 

Our purpose is to strengthen and enrich the knowledge of the local, national and international community through multidisciplinary and intercultural activities.

What we do

Multidisciplinary and Intercultural

We are part of many activities and events where students will learn Spanish in an engaging manner. Our lessons include a wide range of topics: arts, technology, science, gastronomy, sports, entertainment, and more that come up at this time of exchange.

Technology is used to innovate and apply strategies, solve problems, and share information among teachers and students. Finding methods of communication helps us build relationships and create a community.

This allows us to understand the important aspects and challenges of getting along with other cultural groups in different situations.

Why Choose Us

Strengthen & enrich knowledge



We have shaped new ways for teaching Spanish and have been part of the learning process of people from more than 25 countries around the world. 


Creativity and Wisdom

Our goal is to reinforce knowledge and find useful tools to understand the different perspectives to approach a certain topic.


Cross-country & multidisciplinary

We find efficient means of communication where knowledge is shared from different perspectives among people from different countries.