Activities and Events

This learning process is a journey in which we interact with people from different countries and acquire knowledge on various topics. We either participate in or are spectators in fun activities (tournaments, workshops, trips, videolessons) with interesting content (sports, arts, technology, science, languages).


Let’s learn while sliding on the waves! Come surf with us! Take full advantage of the benefits of both this sport and the contact with seawater: strengthen your muscles, reduce the risk of heart-related problems, improves blood oxygen circulation and breathing rate.

Name of School: SurfTapa

Link to Website: https://web.facebook.com/surftapamx

Place: at Bahía San Benito, Chiapas, Mexico.


Let’s travel by foot! Learn while sliding on mossy or snowy rocks. Explore the most astonishing landscapes around the world: mountains, cloudforest, jungle, trails or footpaths in the countryside.

Hiking is an activity that consists of walking along trails. This activity is useful in different disciplines and is useful for research, but it is also a recreational and sporting activity.


Let’s travel on wheels! Propelled by the force of our feet on the pedals, we will enjoy this wonderful aerobic exercise while discovering the variety of living and non-living beings in the planet.

Some of the modalities in which we have participated include: mountain biking and road cycling. 

Mexican Gastronomy

Let’s dive into the kitchen! Learn about the variety of Mexican gastronomy and why it is an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

During our lessons and intercultural meetings with our students, we will exchange recipes from many parts of the world. We will find new flavors, ingredientes, and interesting facts behind the history of each dish.

Performing Arts

Let our minds travel! Let's surf on performing arts: concerts, performances, fire dancing, LED poi dancing, and a a number of incredible presentations where we will participate directly or simply be spectators. Verbal and non-verbal languages are important part of our process of building relationships in our journey.

Music, rhythm, structure, pitch, dynamics, and other elements will be used to express emotions, to share information, to communicate, to transmit stories and memories. We will learn about the therapeutic benefits of arts; history of wolrd cultures; stimulate creativity; improve motor skills; and we get along together to strengthen the bonds of communication.

Surfing for Beginners

Surfing is a spectacular sport. Diving into the sea and swimming as we catch the waves is magic. Together with SurfTapa, we are ready to catch the best waves to learn to surf in Chiapas, Mexico. Dive into the Pacific Ocean, surf with us at San Benito Bay.

Our surf students come from many parts of the world. They are either visiting family, for a holiday or traveling through Mexico. From children as young as 3 years old to adults over 70 years old have surfed with us! It is a great place of intercultural harmony where language exchange is one of the key features.

¿Alguna vez has surfeado?

¿Dónde has surfeado?

¿Cómo se llama la playa donde surfean con SurfTapa?

Safety Measures Before Diving Into The Sea

The Ocean is a heavy environment. Always be aware of the sudden changes in the wind, the waves, and the swirling on the sea ground. This water sport requires many physical and mental skills. Before diving into the ocean or river, keep in mind all the safety measures. The waves or currents change without previous notice, be extremely careful!

Our instructors will guide you before you dive into the sea so you can maintain balance while swimming. You must follow rules at all times. Make sure you stay close to the seashore; stay away from the rocks and whirlpools, you may hit the rocks or get sucked down. 

During our lessons, you will be able to practice Spanish with surf trainers. Most of them are dwellers who have grown and been raised in the Chiapas coast region, near Puerto Chiapas, Tapachula or Mazatan, Mexico.

What do I need for surfing? Concentration, strength, balance, flexibility.

Dive, swim and slide over the waves, staying on the board as long as possible while performing maneuvers such as spins, turns, jumps and other techniques. Wait for the best wave; sit on the board and watch waves go towards the shore until a suitable wave rolls in. Surfers must be careful to ride and safely exit the wave, always making sure not to be too close to the shore or rocks.

When surfers see a nice wave, they paddle with their arms quickly to catch the rising wave. Just as the wave starts going down and breaks, surfers, lying face down on the board, jump by pushing with their arms from the abdomen and chest to a standing flexed position. – 

¿Dónde se ubica Chiapas? Es un estado de la República Mexicana que se ubica en la región suroeste de México, colindando con Tabasco, Oaxaca y Veracruz.

¿Dónde está la Bahía San Benito? La Bahía San Benito está ubicada en la costa sur de Chiapas, México. 

Benefits of Surfing with SurfTapa and Kaabturix

Take advantage of all the benefits that this water sport offers. Not only seen as a sport that is good for exercise, it is also a good way to interact with a big community of athletes. Being a lifestyle that includes environmental awareness because we need a clean place to perform our sport, it also has many elements that will work as an amazing therapy. Mental health is also important, keeping the body fit is not enough.  

This sport can be played competitively, in tournaments, or simply recreationally, for fun. At SurfTapa, we have organized many events that include: cleaning the beach, surf tournaments, surf exhibitions, volleyball tournaments, football soccer tournaments, and a broad gastronomic variety.

Innovation and Technology 

Language is composed of words, sounds or gestures. It is used to express feelings and emotions; to communicate and share information about facts and phenomena in the outer and inner world. Instruments emit sounds, music is a language; computer language includes languages with which humans communicate with computers; body language provides information about someone’s emotional state or intentions; cultures and communities use a system of verbal, written, and gestural signs used by a group to communicate

Hacia la Casa del Fuego

De la Casa del Fuego a la Bahía del Soconusco

Del volcán a la playa

Detrás de nosotros, Casa del Fuego;

rumbo a la Bahía del Soconusco.

De la neblina a la arena.

Viento y arena

Viento que crea

intensas ondas

Viento que arrastra

Navegamos contra las adversidades

flota y es propulsada por las olas del mar.

Entre las olas del Gran Océano 


beginners can learn to surf in the whitewater part of the wave.

bodysurfing, el arte de deslizarse sobre las olas utilizando únicamente el cuerpo como superficie de planeo.

based on the difficulty, variety and type of maneuvers as well as their power, speed and flow between maneuvers

Existen varias modalidades de este deporte y varios estilos de tablas:

El surf ofrece muchos beneficios, por ejemplo:

Surfing provides many health benefits including:

cardiovascular fitness – from paddling

shoulder and back strength – these muscles will strengthen from the paddling

leg and core strength – once you’re standing up on the board, strong legs and a strong core will keep you up.

As surfing involves the ocean, you should be a strong swimmer and always be aware of the safety aspects of being in the surf. If you are not sure about a suitable surfing spot, ask the local lifesavers or surfshop.

Having the right equipment is essential to get the best out of the surf. Your board should suit your body and your ability. For example, start with a long board as they are easier to stand up on, paddle and ride. Wear a wetsuit if necessary to keep you in the water long enough to learn.

Other benefits of surfing

Surfing provides a range of other benefits. It is:

  • a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment
  • a good outlet for stress and tension.

Paddling your board

There are three main methods to use when you paddle your board in the water:

  • Arm paddling – this mainly involves your arms. You need to position your body towards the nose of the board, keep your feet together and paddle with your arms using a freestyle swimming action (alternating your arms).
  • Kick paddling – this mainly involves your legs. You need to slide your body to the back of the board so your legs are free to kick.
  • Combination arm and kick paddling – this involves using both methods, which will help you to move more quickly.

Avoiding injury

Here are some tips to follow before you hit the waves:

  • Check the beach and make sure you are not alone – take a friend.
  • Look for any restrictions on the beach and follow them.
  • If you are a beginner, stick to beach breaks with a sandy beach.
  • Make sure the top of your board is waxed up or has some form of grip and check your leg rope is in good condition.
  • Wear a leg rope tied to your surfboard if you are a beginner.
  • Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.
  • Watch the area before you go in to see the best place to paddle out. Watch other people to see how they are getting on out in the surf.
  • Warm up before entering the water.

Limpieza de Playa en Bahía San Benito

A las orillas de esta zona se nota mucho plástico, botellas de alcohol y refresco, y hasta jeringas en toda la orilla de playa.